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Pre-packaged off the shelf solutions won't always do the job. Your business requirements are unique, that's what puts you above your competitors. So how can you expect there to be a pre-existing solution for your business? To maximize your efficiency you need software specifically designed and developed for your needs. When your business relies on technology, you must have the very best. At Bensoft we design your business system from the ground up. By using proven design and development methodologies, you can have a solution that truly puts you a step ahead.

The Parking Plaza is a parking facility located near the airport that provides extra services such as Pet Boarding and Oil Changes while you're away. We developed everything from the Linux Kernel that runs their thin clients, to the software that communicates with the Shuttle Busses.

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The Global Trade Documentation System was designed to streamline the flow of documentation for international shipments. Each country has a specific set of required data for a shipment, and it is critical that all the data be provided. The system also supports multi-lingual data and reports. It is a J2EE Web Application deployed onto WebSphere application server and a DB2 database.

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