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Kansas City Open Source Systems

There are a number of benefits inherent in using one of Bensoft's open-source content management systems.

Cost Efficient

Most commercial CMS solutions run from a few thousand dollars up to a million dollars -- even more when professional services are considered. Bensoft's open-source content management systems are easily tailored to your business, keeping the cost manageable for your needs. We can work with you for the level of design that you need, and provide the training you need in easy sessions so that you can manage the website entirely by yourself!

The low cost and ease-of-use of open-source content management systems makes them particularly attractive for small websites, non-profit organisations, and government departments.

Open-source content management is a viable option!

We can:
- customize our CMS to match specific business needs
- integrate our CMS with other business systems
- develop templates, stylesheets and publishing code
- review, restructure and help you create content
- conduct usability tests, both on the site and the CMS
- provide training to authors and end users.

Ease of customization
Having access to a PHP-based content management system provides an unparalleled degree of flexibility. Want to make a change to the website navigation, but don't want to edit fifty pages? With a PHP Content Management System, you just have to change one file. This allows you to spend more time on the content of your webpages, tailoring them with the information you want to help your customers return again and again.

The code behind commercial content management systems is a closely guarded secret, as it is the basis for competitive advantage over other vendors. At Bensoft, we don't require you to take out complex licenses in order to use one of our Content Management Systems. Once the Content Management System has been set up, you can fully maintain your website without having to renew year after year.

With many open-source content management systems being the product of multiple developers, the ability to customise and extend has already been well-tested.

Open Platforms
Open-source content management systems are typically developed using open tools, such as PHP, Perl, Python, Java and Unix. Working in these environments reduces 'lock-in' with specific vendors or software packages.

Open platforms also increase the amount of supporting software and experience that is available, and reduces the cost of employing developers.

Ease of integration
The combination of open platforms and simplicity of customisation makes integrating open-source content management systems with other software considerably easier. Many open-source solutions are also built with newer technology, which was developed with integration in mind, such as XML or LDAP.

Community support
The most popular open-source CMS solutions are supported by an active community of hundreds, if not thousands, of developers.

It is this 'groundswell' of support which has made open-source software so notable, and the same benefits apply to content management systems.

This environment contrasts sharply with many commercial packages. Here, communication occurs only between customers and the vendor's support staff. Little community exists around the products, and knowledge sharing is limited.

Mailing list archives can also be trawled to gauge community reaction to the software, and the nature of the issues encountered. This provides an invaluable mechanism for identifying the true value of the solution.

Curious? Take a look at some of our work!

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