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Kansas City and Missouri E-Marketing

Bensoft E-marketing With DMAS/Recipia

E-mail marketing systems have never been so easy to use!

Click here for more information on our Recipia e-marketing system.

Creating an effective email marketing program has two parts: a well thought out strategy and a powerful, intelligent system to implement it. Our DMAS/Recipia e-marketing systems provide the foundations for email campaigns that produce measurable results. Why? Simply because they're comprehensive, intuitive, and flexible systems for online marketing, and are available at a cost that's unmatched in the marketplace.

Web Browser Interface -- Use It from Anywhere!
We provide a complete web-based interface to create effective, opt-in email marketing campaigns. We can personalize your email messages to better communicate with your target audience, from shipping out single-user gift codes to allowing friends to forward on e-mails with their own messages included.

We can do it for you!
Do you just want to send out your campaigns without worrying about the hassle of learning how? We can do that too, from designing the creative content to completing your campaign implementation. Look to us to help build the customized e-marketing campaign system that works for you.

Want to do it yourself? No problem!
The DMAS/Recipia e-marketing applications are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from any internet-connected computer. You can work in-house or with us to create and launch your campaign whenever you're ready.

Your Personal Lists of Opt-In Permission-Based Subscribers
If you don't have a subscriber database already, we can help you create and manage a clean, permission-based list of subscribers. If you do have a list, our system will help you manage it even better. With an automated unsubscribe feature to make it even easier to weed out any spam-alerts, Bensoft can help you keep your campaigns on track!

Easy-to-use tools.
Unsubscribe and Send to a Friend templates, personalization tokens, HTML editing, message targeting, previewing, testing, scheduling sends, tracking, and campaign reporting are a few clicks away, in formats that are simple and efficient. Plus, you can always call us or use our online tools for support if you need help along the way.

Tracking and Reporting for Each Campaign. Easily and quickly perform one-to-one marketing by viewing which subscribers opened your email messages and communicating back to them instantly.

Keep it on a first-name basis.
You can build customer loyalty by greeting customers by name and use our dynamic lists to keep track of birthdays, job titles, and other important dates.

Understand who your customers are.
Multiple lists and groups not only let you keep your campaigns separate, but also manage sub-clients within your own marketing structure. With databases of targeted prospects, you are able to send your campaign lists only to the people you want, according to their interests!

We take the worry out of CAN-SPAM compliance.
Our system ensures you comply with industry standards mandated by the Federal CAN-SPAM Act. Plus, it makes contact and source information accessible to your customers, improving deliverability, building trust, and solidifying your place as a legitimate, permission-based email marketer.

Cost Effective - Return on Investment
Our DMAS/Recipia e-marketing system is one of the best marketing investments your company can make. Using our complete, high-performance system, you can cut down on extra campaign spending by targeting only interested opt-in customers through email. In fact, many of our clients pay for their system with one successful email campaign.

Track and Respond Immediately
Monitor statistical reports of each email launch in real-time so you can evaluate, optimize, and adjust efforts base on accurate and immediate data.

Multiple Mail Clients? No problem!
Customers receive the most appropriate email version for their inbox, whether that's in HTML or non-HTML format, thereby eliminating many of the delivery challenges that sometimes come with email marketing campaigns. In addition, we also provide online versions of each email, so no matter what the mail client is, your customer can always view the campaign on the web!

Need something extra? We can do it!

We are always adding new features to the DMAS/Recipia system and working to make it more intuitive, powerful, and effective. We are fully equipped to develop customized solutions to fit your needs. Just ask and we'll deliver.

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