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Kansas City E-Mail Marketing

What is opt-in email marketing?
An effective way to market your business on the internet is the use of Opt-In Email Marketing (bulk email). Bulk email is one of the most effective methods of Internet Marketing used by businesses worldwide. Opt-In Email Marketing focuses on customers who have voluntarily signed up for or contributed their names to clean email lists, helping you remain safely within the CAN-SPAM criteria and promoting your message.

There are effective and ineffective ways to market your products via opt-in email marketing. Bensoft can help you send out fast and effective opt-in emails that will yield profitable results for your company.

Does managing lists have to be hard?
By keeping track of your lists, you can help market a paperless campaign to an interested audience. But what if you've got dozens of them? RECIPIA automatically handles that information for you! Integrated with the DMAS marketing campaign system, RECIPIA collects results from online custom forms on your website, and lets you access them directly to send future campaigns directly to them.

Have more than one type of campaign you need to send out monthly, but to radically different lists? No problem! RECIPIA and DMAS work together to keep your lists seperate, allowing you to selectively target your customers. We can even set up online forms for your sales team to be able to launch campaigns while out in the field, updating their lists and contacting customers at the same time!

If you have a business in or around the Kansas City and Missouri area and need to get your web site noticed, Bensoft can create and implement your e-marketing strategy. E-marketing is simply marketing for the Web. It's function is to get more eyeballs looking at your business website.

There are countless way to increase traffic to your site. Bensoft delivers. One of the aspects that sets us apart is our all-encompassing approach. We can suggest numerous appropriate way to increase traffic. But we can also implement the strategies, no matter what they are, and no matter what technology is needed. Creating and implementing a New York e-marketing strategy is an art as much as it is a science.

However, getting more traffic is only part of the battle. You need to get qualified traffic to your business website. And once quality, potential customers come to your site, you then need to have an effective website that converts this traffic into qualified leads, and ultimately leads. So it is worth investigating exactly who you nat to drive to your website and then create an e-marekting strategy based on this target audience.

It is also worth reviewing your website carefully before you implement an e-marketing strategy so you are sure to convert new site visitors into leads. There are many ways to do this. Contact us about our one-to-one e-marketing approaches for your website and marketing campaigns.

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