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The ability to securely sell products on the web has greatly advanced in recent years. Today, secure server connections and encrypted data allow you to take credit card orders and manage inventory with confidence. Bensoft has developed a comprehensive e-commerce package which includes secure remote administration, cross selling, international currency conversion and the most robust product administration capabilities on the market today. Our IShops software is currently being used to successfully sell everything from human resource information to goat supplies to all natural hemp clothing. The flexibility and ability to customize the application has made it an instant winner in the e-commerce market. Not only does it give you the ability to seamlessly integrate the store pages into your website, but the product administration is as easy to use as the click of a mouse.

Allow your customers to choose variety, quantity, size and any number of custom fields on this easy to use catalog page.

Shopping Cart
Customers can verify, and if necessary, edit all the information about the their order. Once they have checked and approved the information, transfer of their purchase is encrypted and submitted via a secure connection.

By logging in on the web with your user name and password, you can make edits to product information and page layouts, add or change graphics, even add new pages or navigation links with this easy to use administration interface.

To learn more about our IShops e-commerce software, click here to contact us, and someone from our staff will be in touch for a free, no obligation consultation.

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