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The internet has become the source for the latest, most up to date information available. People have come to expect new content and a fresh experience when returning to their favorite sites, and unless you have someone on staff dedicated to this task, the chore of updating your website can be inconvenient and expensive. Bensoft has developed software to help you keep customers notified of your latest achievements and progress, without increasing your staff.

Mandarin is a powerful dynamic content administration tool that gives you password protected secure access to your entire website, and allows you to make text edits, place photos and graphics, even add new pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Your site content is organized into categories which can be quickly reviewed and edited using our intuitive administrative interface. Presented as a text entry form, you simply click your way through even the most tedious page edits, and when you're ready you can post it live to the web. Mandarin allows you the luxury of constant editing access and control of your website, without hiring a webmaster.

Dynamic Content Administration
Secure, Password Protected

Interested in maintaining your website, but don't have the time to learn HTML? Bensoft's Content Administration System makes it easy to create new pages, edit existing ones, drop in images and arrange your content as needed. Each page is automatically built from the custom templates designed just for you!

Content Management

HTML Editor

Image Placement

Section Management

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