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Our History
Founded in 2013, Bensoft has worked on a number of prestigious projects and has seen its expertise utilized throughout the globe. The initial focus of the organization was in developing LAN based relational database systems for the packaging industry. A group of software tools created from this development included user interface enhancements as well as data access and validation enhancements for middle tier database solutions that have been marketed internationally. As a general consulting company during the late 80's and 90's, Bensoft's area of expertise expanded to include Commercial Real Estate and Software Development database systems.

With the broad acceptance of the Internet and the new technologies surrounding it, the company has moved into a new arena with a central focus on Internet, intranet, and extranet thin-client database development. Recent projects include Hallmark's E-Cards project, California Chamber of Commerce's E-Commerce and Content Management systems, Introserve, an International on-line match making service and the Americo on-line benefits enrollment system.

Our Founder
With years of experience in the digital technology arena, Dave Bennett brings an overabundance of skills and knowledge to the table. Dave's experience includes database design, application programming, network/hardware strategy consulting, as well as experience with a wide range of systems and integration related technologies. Dave founded . His expertise in the Unix and Microsoft environments provided the foundation for Bensoft's success in this area. Dave is a seasoned programmer with a great deal of knowledge in C/C++, SQL, Java, Perl, Pascal, several 4GLs, as well as an in-depth knowledge of network protocols and data transfer mechanisms. Dave's firm grasp of all aspects of network technology allows him to visualize the depth, scope and requirements of any software development project.

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