The Parking Plaza @KCI was still a business in conception when Bensoft joined the team to help develop the entire internal system for this multi-service parking facility. The desired application would need to track check-ins, automotive repair requests, parts and pricing, as well as a means of tracking client arrivals and billing in a way convenient for the users. Exhaustive research was done to match the correct hardware with a flexible software application platform, and concluded a Linux Kernel running thin clients was the only way to go. Ease of use for both the customer and the staff on location was the result.

Our ability to resolve complex ineractions between hardware and diverse software systems allows us to create stable, flexible solutions that can grow with the customer. Each development job is approached as a unique and independant situation, with only one best answer. We can develop complete custom software, or provide a stable interface with an existing application, shortening your learning curve, and improving your productivity.

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