Parking Plaza @KCI : DEVELOPMENT

The project for The Parking Plaza @KCI involved many different challenges in both software and hardware. We worked with the client to successfully merge these diverse tasks into a coherent, easy-to-use system with plenty of room for future growth. Among the list of items integrated by Bensoft into a stable effiecient work-flow are:
  • Wireless carts allow the clerk to come out to the vehicles.
  • Customer Cards allow the customer's information to be retrieved instantly.
  • VIN decoding automatically determines Year, Make, Model, and Engine.
  • Parts information is provided based on the vehicle.
  • PDF Invoices can be printed or emailed directly from the service line.
  • Customer Card scanner on Shuttle buses lets valet know to pull the vehicle.
  • With the swipe of the Customer's card, their invoice is pulled up instantly.
  • Custom Point of Sale software supports Cash, Check, Credit and Corporate Accounts.
  • Electronic signature pad eliminate the need for a paper receipt.
  • Invoice can be emailed in PDF format, making their visit completely paper-less.

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